Harness Sizing Chart



First Name:

Last Name:


City: State: Zip Code:

Cell Phone: Alternate Phone:


Breed of Equine: Equine's Name:

Height at Withers:


A. Corner of mouth, over poll, to corner of mouth :

B. Browband- total length from end to end :

C. Noseband :

D. Girth- all way around wher saddle sits :

E. Backband- back of saddle to base of tail :

F. Hip strap- over loin to top of breeching :

G. Breeching- point of hip around rump to point of hip :

H. Breastplate- from center of saddle skirt around chest to center of skirt on othe side :

I. Neck strap- over neck to point of shoulder on each side :

J. Throat latch- all around neck and chin :

Comments :



We will use this measurement, adjusting for single or pair, depending upon your order.


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